Intrexon, the owner of GMO mosquito vendor Oxitec, has spent $100,000 funding a local advertising campaign including printed brochures and radio advertisements designed to sway the upcoming GMO mosquito ballot questions in their favor.

Why are such huge expenditures necessary? Residents of the Keys strongly oppose the use of GMO mosquitoes here without consent. In this clip from the documentary film Scratching the Surface, a University of Miami professor with 40 years of experience in mosquito science confirms that another mosquito species can take the place of the Aedes aegypti targeted by the test. He also cites “strong opposition” to the use of GMO mosquitoes in the community.

This week, the “Zika education group,” as the nonprofit organization purchased 60 second radio ads on every Keys radio station on a high frequency schedule. Oxitec’s version of “Zika education” is merely the promotion of its own products. Although the organization calls itself “Florida Keys Safety Alliance,” incorporation documents filed with the state show it is actually run by the Tallahassee public relations firm, VancoreJones.


Citizens for Safe Science is a group of concerned, local residents and business owners who do not consent to the use of genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Make your donation today and join us in voting NO on GMO mosquitoes on November 8th!